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Project showreel

Showreel: New film by Vanessa Lann with previously unreleased excerpts of her work!

DD (Double D) for piano solo (new version, 2023)
Guy Livingston, piano
Kristian Claas, montage
Vanessa Lann, music and concept


Dark Familiar (After Brahms), 2022
Geluiden van lucht, 2022
One/Life, 2021
Saskia on the Beach, 2019
moonshadow sunshadow, 2021
Trailer for De Stilte van Saar, 2013
Double|Reed (last two movements), 2014
Stap Verder, 2021
Trailer for Rabbits at Work, 2022
Anybody Out There, 2022

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moonshadow sunshadow

Record label Attacca, Music for Curious Ears, has selected Lann’s compilation cd, moonshadow sunshadow, as the cd of the month (March ’23).
To order, please go to

The Crossing: Carols after a Plague

Philadelphia based contemporary music choir The Crossing releases Carols after a Plague, a collection of works by twelve composers that responds to our collective experience of the last few years navigating the pandemic, as well as grappling with the fraught issues of our time. The album includes Lann’s Shining Still, written on request for this project. UPDATE: this CD has been nominated for a Grammy Award (best choral CD, 2023), and the winner will be announced at the Grammy Awards show on February 4, 2024!
To order, please go to

9×13: new music for neo-fanfare

Neo-fanfare band 9×13 has just released a recording of 11 pieces by living composers, including Lann’s 9×13 Orange Drummer Beat!.
To order, please go to https://www.9×